003 – Another Kind of Party Clip 1

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 10/mb

Two absolutely gorgeous girls have been invited to a party. Big fun is promised, so they agree to come, and dress to the ocassion. Short dresses, short skirts, one of them wears on eye-catching platform sandals and her brunette friend wears on a pair of boots to destroy hearts … or whatever she wants. When they arrive, there’s no one at home but one guy. He tells them the party is not what they’ve been told of, but he offers another kind of party, more … intimate. When he begins to strip, they move to go out immediately, but he stops them and avoids them to leave. Oops, they go to the rough side. At first, they slap him in the face, and knee him full force in the groin. Instead of leaving out, they are angry at him and stay for another kind of party: a party where they beat him, and he is beaten up. Full power groinkicks, trampling, groin stomping, kicking all over his body, and even they put him in all fours, one of them sits at his back while the other girl kicks him with all her might right where it hurts.

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