008 – Boots and Pumps Kicking Clip 2

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 30/mb

She demands him to lay down on all fours, to help her. While she is trampling him, she digs her boot stiletto heels in his back, for some fun. He destabilize her, and she falls to the bed!. Kicks full force in the balls are a must, but she adds spiking to his back. Her heel breaks, but punishment must go on, so she changes to black spike heel pumps. More trampling, hand crushing, face slapping, kicking all over his body, jumping in the air to land with her heels on his ribs and groin, and face standing in heels. In the full video you will see her dominating him, smoking, playing with ash over his body and stomping his balls flat.

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