010 – Lisa

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 38/mb

Lisa loves ballkicking. Lisa is a gorgeous tall blond woman used to turn heads and make men do weird things just for her. Lisa loves that powerful feeling. Lisa knows her slim figure, long blond hair, and piercing blue eyes stop traffic but she’s not just happy with that. She’s really turned on when she makes men kneel down at her beautiful sexy feet and ask her to please kick them in the balls. Ouch, that hurts, but she just happens to love ballkicking. And there she goes, a ballbusting goddess with a charming angel-like smile, her mile-long legs aiming to kick balls pointy toe first, her blue eyes just showing a nutbreaking cold spark, and suddenly she just moves her knee up and you collapse feeling an unbearable pain right from your smashed nuts up through the spine. And all goes black. Lisa standing there as if nothing happened, your body aching in pain, your face contorted on the floor inches from her black leather boots she’s just kicked your balls with. Lisa can’t avoid getting aroused at watching a man trying to stand her kicking his privates over and over, trying to bear the pain she makes him feel and asking her for more. What a blond tall goddess can do. Such a strange funny world. She loves ballkicking. What would those men in the stopped traffic lines think about her … love for ballkicking? Would they let her ballbust some more?

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