013 – Unfaithful II Clip 1

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 67/mb

She has met the other girl, and they have made a plan to put him in his place. They have bought the most pointy shoes in town, and they have planned she will kick him as hard as she can. They want him to pay for his lies to both of them. She kicks him in the groin, in the stomach, in the ass, she stomps his balls jumping and digging her spiky heels on his nuts. Her beauty makes him trust on her sweet words and then … hard knees to the balls, once, twice, as many times as she wishes. She crushes his neck hard with those killer heels on his throat to suffocate him. She makes him lick the pointed toes, begging her not to kick his face. Later, she finds out a love letter to a new girl … oops, he is in trouble now. She is aimed to destroy his balls and she gives him an even more intense ballbusting. Kicking full force right to the balls with those killer pointy pumps … don’t try this at home!

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