014 – The Prostitute Clip 1

Clip Time: 3 Minutes Clip Size: 15/mb

Roksana wanted to make a video about respect to women. She plays a brunette prostitute, dressed in sexy lingerie: a black corset, hipster style briefs and to even heat it up more her long legs are encased in black stockings reinforced on the heels. Matching her luxurious outfit, she wears on black spike high heeled pumps, and they are so pointy that all fans of ballbusting movies will fear and love them at the same time. Her customer can’t avoid getting so excited that he gets only focused on his sexual urges and fails to respect her as a woman. You know how much Roksana loves ballbusting and kicking balls to the ceiling, so, to make it short, there are no good news for customer’s balls. For sure she delivers high voltage sensations to his privates, but not exactly the ones he may have expected. Soon the pointed toe of Roksana’s cute spike high heel pumps finds its way towards his spread legs to smash any piece of meat he may have there. Down to the floor with the man!, she keeps on kicking his groin, stamping her high heels right to the aching man’s nuts….

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