Alexas Famous Last Man Standing Game

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 954/mb

Usually at GND Studios we begin a shoot day with warm up games, usually we dont film these but today was special. Alexa Fire has become infamous with the video subs for loving to play Last Man Standing as soon as she bursts through the door. She forces 2 subs to stand there, legs spread as she dishes out the Testicular punishment back and forth between the two sets of Balls until one loser falls to the floor crying and holding his Busted Balls! She loves the fact that these two losers are actually battling to stay on their feet to absorb more pain from her Brutal Ballbusting Boots, but sooner or later their Nads are just too Weak to take anymore. In this game, shes donned her sexy Referee outfit and Thigh High Leather Boots to see whos Balls will be chosen for the upcoming shoot. These two subs try hard and make it all the way to Round #3 but in the end, Alexa ruins their Manhood with dozens or Kicks, Knees, Punches, and Nut Popping Grabs!

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