Alexis and Sophia’s 100 Knee Challenge

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 984/mb

Alexis and Sophia return in a very unique clip that fans of "knees" to the balls are sure to love! The girls offer to give a guy their phone number, but only if he will first take 100 knees to the balls. He accepts, because these 19 year old ballbreakers are just that hot. The girls proceed to smash his nuts ruthlessly, but in the process of taking so many excruciating knees, the hotness of the girls overcomes him and he starts to get aroused. This only make the girls more excited to smash his groin, watching his penis flop around. The girls are very obviously having a great time with their ability to arouse their victim and brutally crush his testicles at the same time. Definitely a must see for fans of knees to the groin!

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