Another Bad Day at Work!

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 328/mb

Crystel Lei has come home after another bad day at work to find her husband lazying about watching TV. She is not happy and wants to take her frustrations and stress out on someone. That someone is her husband. This must be a regular occurrence by the way he reacts but he married her for better or worse and so he is made to strip naked so that Crystel can de-stress by abusing his balls. She does this by kicking them and kneeing them but her favourite way is to squeeze them, twist them slap and punch them. His balls really are real life stress balls, for Crystel anyway, For him they are pure pain balls as Crystel systematically abuses them with her feet, knees and hands until she leaves him writhing on the floor in agony whilst she goes for a relaxing shower.Hi Def 1920×1080 wmv

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