Ariella Ferrera Gives Him an Intense Ballbusting HD

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 223/mb

Ariella really wanted to have some fun, and that is what this clip is. It is very intense and she has a lot of erotic ballbusting fun with her restrained partner. At this point she knows he can take it and this clip will prove that she likes it and that he can take it and even be turned on by the pain. Ariella starts out with whips. Concentrating on his balls but not forgetting about the rest of him. Then she gives him kicks and knees. It is intense with nonstop kicking and kneeing. She gives him the type that takes your breath away when you receive them. When he can barely stand and his restrains are supporting him Ariella uses her fierce boots to crush his manhood while she reclines. She tells shim "I am going to crush your balls so good that you are never going to forget me!" We never have, and I would personally love to be busted by her again!

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