Ashlyn Ford Does Strip Ballbusting – HD

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 76/mb

Sweet, southern Ashlyn Ford actually isn’t all that sweet. But you’d never know it when you see her cute curly hair and hear her sexy accent! Alright, so she IS sweet – she takes on a total fun-loving attitude when it comes to busting balls. She giggles alot and really seems to have fun with it, while making sure she delivers hard, punishing kicks, knees and punches. Most of her kicks don’t involve her feet, but her shins, which is interesting – she just slams her leg right up in between Psymon’s legs. Lots of knees in this one, too, which people often neglect. Ashlyn gets in alot of hits because she is wearing a ton of clothing but she strips fairly quickly so you’re getting alot of busts for such a short video! Bang for your buck! Anyway, lots more sexy Ashlyn to come!

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