Babysitter Ballbuster with Bratty Princess Crystal

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 699/mb

This was a Custom Clip order, and I really LOVED the storyline slave Jon came up with. I am a bratty babysitter looking after little Jonny. When Jonny misbehaves and becomes a pain in my ass, I decide to become a pain in his BALLS! Bahaha! The poor little guy just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, and unfortunately once I start busting balls it’s hard for me to stop. After many kicks and knees from every position I can drag him into he begins to threaten me with "I’m going to tell my mom on you". Big mistake. Now I REALLY have to mess this kids package up to make sure he stays quiet.I’m not going to lie, this clip became very HOT for me. I know I sound sadistic, but the idea of damaging some annoying little kids private parts really gets me going . Jonny really sees how mean I can get when my big, bare feet cover his whole crotch and just SQUASH his nuts over and over again. I stand like half a foot taller than this guy and kicking the shit out of him was a blast! I even threw him on the couch and trampled him with my full weight! This clip has lots of great ball SMASHING hits, and me mocking little Jonny in my best Bratty Princess Crystal attitude ever!Part 1 of 2 ONLY.BOOTS 2 BALLS!- Goddess Crystal XoXPay2Obey me at

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