Ball Punching and Grabbing Trifecta – Part 2

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 592/mb

The three Hottest Ballbusting babes on the net are back again at Team BALLBUSTER and they are Triple Teaming this poor guys Balls! They take turns holding his legs and hands away for one another so they can Punch, Grab, Jab and Uppercut his Nuts over and over again. These Brat Girls laugh their faces off every time they feel his Testicles weaken from another strike. They know that sooner than later his Nads are going to reach their limits and the Bruising and Swelling will result in RUPTURED BALLS! After several Brutal Nut Squashing uppercuts from the front and from behind, the Vixens finally Grab him by the Balls from behind and Pull on them until hes literally being lifted in the air by his Balls by the hands of Three Vicious Ballbusters!

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