Ballbusting IS Fun

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 464/mb

This guy has met Tigerr whilst on a night out and has invited her back to his place. Once there he brings up the subject of ballbusting and explains that he likes being kicked in the balls by girls. Tigerr, who is sweet, shy and innocent, never having done this before agrees to give it a try. She starts gently at first not having done this before but very quickly realises that ballbusting is fun. Tigerr really enjoys herself in this movie as she teases him by rubbing his cock and squeezing his balls between her feet, first wearing socks and later with bare feet. She alternates this with kicks and knees to the balls and grabbing and twisting them as well. At one point she shows her grace in a balletic movement incorporating front and back kicks. She also removes her top and teases him with her naked breasts whilst she kicks and knees him hard in the balls. At the end she jumps on his back and insists that he carry her out.

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