BB0079 I Like A Man With Balls

Clip Time: 32 Minutes Clip Size: 183/mb

Matthew has had his eye on Claire from the office for ages, and decides to brave it and ask her ut for a drink after work… Claire is not really interested but decides to have a bit of fun in her tea break! She gets Matthew to strip and show her his nuts – she really likes a man with balls! She makes a deal with Matthew – she will go out with him if he can prove he has enough balls to keep her happy! Claire really puts Matthew through it in this hard and very sexy video, using all her favourite ballbusting moves – kicks, knees, squeezes, punches, slaps and stomps to the balls! You can see how much Claire loves controlling men using their balls – her sadistic nature shines thrugh in this great video and Matthews nuts are left bruised, swollen and aching!

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