bb0100 – Mean Girls!

Clip Time: 31 Minutes Clip Size: 178/mb

Our gorgeous and very sadistic twosome Sapphire and Claire claim to be making a self defence video for girls, but to us it looks more like a convenient excuse to have fun by mashing some testicles! Their victim Matthew does his best to allow the girls to work through their different ballbusting techniques, but unfortunately the girls are feeling particularly vicious and it is not long before his balls are red, sore and swollen! Sapphire and Claire make the perfect double act, egging each other on to be more and more rough with Matthews poor dangly balls until they are certain they have done a good job of pulping them! Very sexy hard ballbusting action from stunning blonde stocking-clad lovely Claire and equally stunning lycra-clad Sapphire – now THAT is teamwork!

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