Below the Belt

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 608/mb

Dawn & Angelica are sparring with each other when two guys come in an start telling them that they are not doing it right and that girls shouldn’t be boxing unless they are hitting a punch bag. The girls take exception to this sexist remark and tell the guys that they will certainly start using a ‘punch bag’ and persuade the guys to strip naked. It then becomes apparent exactly what ‘punch bags’ they were meaning as they set to work using these guys balls as punch bags. Both girls intend to hurt the guys and teach them a lesson, Angelica attacks them and their balls ferociously whilst Dawn is more ‘measured’ and ‘calculated’. One thing is sure though and that is that these guys will have sore and tender balls for quite some time and maybe they will learn not to interfere with two girls who are working out.

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