Best Date Ever

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 331/mb

Miss London Lix is an absolute goddess and she knows it. She has unfortunately had a string of dates recently that have all been with losers that couldn’t satisfy her unique desires. However her luck is about to change! After going on a date and assessing that he may be more open-minded than previous men, she decides to bring him back to her apartment. She reveals that she has an overwhelming urge to want to kick men in the balls, especially when she is wearing boots, and is curious if he would be willing to let her ballbust him. Knowing that she is way out of his league already, without hesitation he jumps at the opportunity with enthusiasm. She proceeds to kick him while he still has his clothes on, but when she realizes the massive bulge in his jeans she has him strip naked so she can really get at his balls. She lays hard kicks into him from multiple positions and yet his cock remains rock hard the entire time. When she has worked herself up she decides to drag him off to the bedroom for a little more fun!

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