Bratty shower Ball Attack condensed

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 97/mb

Slave J was in the shower, washing his hair. And just at the point where he was about to wash the soap out, Miss Leslee and Amai pull back the shower curtain and attack his nuts. He can’t see, as he has the soap all over his eyes. He comes out of the shower in his towel, and they are waiting behind the bathroom door with mischievous smiles. They push him down on Miss Leslee’s bed, and have some ballbusting fun with him. At points jumping up and down on the bed like , then letting an elbow drop come down on his package. They love jumping on the bed, and jumping on his nuts while they jump. The ballbusting is not extreme, but very cute and bratty. Note** they only attack him in the shower for about a minute, the rest of the clip takes place on the bed.

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