Building Site Busting

Clip Time: 31 Minutes Clip Size: 360/mb

All us women have fantasised about this scenario at some point in our lives… The grubby builder shouts down from the scaffolding "show us your tits" or some other similar ‘compliment’. In real life we have to pretend we didn’t hear, or smile sweetly at the kind gentleman who has uttered the words, but in our minds we want to go over there, kick the builder squarely in the nuts and teach him a lesson for his rude behaviour! Nikki re-enacts this situation with Jerome, and fulfils a lifelong fantasy by finally getting to do what she really craves to that cheeky builder! Jerome’s balls get kicked into next week by Nikki, who has obviously had more than her fair share of wolf whistles and lewd comments for which she wants to redress the balance!

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