Carissa Doesn’t Get Why Your Testicles Are So Damn Sensitive – HD 1280×720

Clip Time: 4 Minutes Clip Size: 158/mb

Why are testicles so sensitive? I mean, I can use this tripod and literally smack myself in the vag and nothing, I mean, it even feels good! But if I were to take this and just give your balls a lil love tap? Oh, forget about it. You’d be all mad at me and holding your poor balls in pain and even falling on the ground, totally out of commission. Isn’t it weird? You’re supposed to be all manly and tough, but then you can’t take this and I can? You look so stupid, too, "Oh my balls! Oh my sensitive nuts!" Haha! If I were to do a little flick, you would double over in pain and be like this, "Uhhh uhh!" and crying! I did a wrestling session with a guy once and he was like, "I wanna try some ballbusting" and I couldn’t even GRAZE his nuts before he started in with this high-pitched screaming. Oh my god! My pussy can take a serious beating with no pain. But guys are so weird. Doesn’t make any sense!

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