Carly takes PC to the park to play kickball

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 109/mb

It was a beutiful day out and Carly invites PC to the park to play kickball- sounds fun, right? Yeah, for her! She starts off immediately kicking him in the nuts over and over again and never misses. After 7 or 8 shots, he buckles and falls. She then proceeds to thoroughly soften him up before changing the subject. She thinks he might have cheated, so she reminds him, forcefully, that "THESE BELONG TO ME! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!", she yells as she squeezes and yanks on his swollen balls while sitting on his chest, then stands on him and begins stomping on his balls before going to work again. She makes sure he remembers by the time she’s done…until the next time, that is ;)BALL KICKING, BALL STOMPING, BALL SQUEEZING, KNEEING, PUNCHING, STANDING ON BALLS, TRASH TALKING, HUMILIATION.

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