Carmen and Amy’s Ballbusting Competition : Director’s Cut

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 649/mb

This is a re-release of a classic BB Legends video, with slightly improved video quality. One of our best ballbusting teams ever, Carmen and Amy return in a great new clip! Nothing brings out the best in the girls like a little competition, and there are numerous outstanding moment in this great clip. Amy is just a stunner, this former soccer player has the sexy physique of an Olympic Gymnast and some of the deadliest kicks ever at BB Legends. Carmen is beautiful, sexy, and just bb-crazed. This is one of those clips where while there is a game show, the girls do a lot of busting outside of the rules and it turned into a very long clip. Megan was filming, but somehow managed to get in there and do some ballbreaking as well. And this clip is a great bargain at 12.99 for 27 minutes!

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