Catholic Schoolgirl Barefoot Testicle Massacre: Starring Maria and Christie

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 1139/mb

Fans of hard barefoot ball kicks will love this clip! This is truly the sort of clip that really represent what BB Bombshells is all about. Maria and Christie smash the hell out of the bb pet’s testicles time and time again. Then the proceed to taunt, tease, and ridicule the bb pet while he’s suffering in a way that is just amazingly hot! All the while wearing far too short catholic schoolgirl skirts that do not even begin too cover their unbelievably sexy assets. While their are some great "Grab Twist and Pulls" early in the clip and a few knees, this clips is very much for those who prefer hard kicks. Maria’s right foot is like a laser that she aims at the bb pet’s battered groin, and Christie even throws in some of the "jump kicks" that this site is known for!

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