Caught In The Act!

Clip Time: 28 Minutes Clip Size: 159/mb

Introducing stunning new ballbuster Belle – what a beauty! Belle arrives home to find boyfriend Matthew in bed with another woman, and she is not impressed at all! The angry girl chucks out the familiar-looking tart with a flea in her ear before turning her attention to Matthew. Of course the only suitable punishment for this crime is to damage Matthews nuts so that he will not think of straying again, so Belle sets to work with lots of ballkicking, kneeing, slapping, punching and crushing. She is not going to give Matthew a break until she is satisfied that he has learnt his lesson and she has let out all her frustrations on his testicles. If Matthew wants to keep his girlfriend he is going to have to take everything she throws at him until he has proved he is sorry… If his balls do not burst first! A very promising debut from this stunning model who loves playing up to the camera!

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