Chased through the room and kicks in the balls!

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 873/mb

Three video clips in one large movie file. One of the hardest female domination and ballbusting movies ever!Part of her daily fitness program are kicking exercises. That is fun and exercising at the same time. Not much fun for the male part though. A unlucky nude man is her training partner. Sometimes the devious lady even makes his cock hard before she starts to kick him brutal in the balls. She really chase him through the room by kicking in his exposed genitals.The skinny, horny boy is forced by the female bodybuilder to drop his pants and standing defenseless in front of her presenting his hard on. She kicks him hard and brutal in the balls and beats his sticking out hard on.She steps on his hard on and after a short period of fun and teasing his ordeal starts all over! He must again kneel in front of her to get his nuts kicked in her hard and brutal way! Unbelievable cruel kicks in the balls! Towards the end and with those brutal kicks his former big hard cock shrivels more and more until she got an other impotent eunuch for her stable of slaves!Length 27:44 minutes.

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