Cheater Gets his Nuts Crushed

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 876/mb

So Im just chilling on the couch, chatting on the phone with my good friend Shayne when Im shocked to learn my boyfriend has been fooling around with other girls behind my back. As pissed off as I am, Im also secretly happy, you see I LOVE BALLBUSTING, and this is the perfect opportunity for me to just Haul Off on this loser, and Crush his BALLS! If a boy breaks my heart, I BREAK his NUTS!When he arrives at my place, hes happy to find me in his favourite, shiny, wet look outfit. My body looks amazing in this outfit, especially my Legs and ASS and my soon to be ex is putty in my hands. My seductive attitude turns Sadistic, as I tighten my Grasp around his Testicles and tell him I know about his Cheating ways. He tries to deny it at first, so I have fun playing with my prey as I begin Kicking, and Kneeing him in the Crotch. He knows I can be rough, but hes about to see how mean I can be. I Grab his Nads firmly in my hand and Squeeze all my anger into his plums. I squeeze so hard I can feel the life just leaving his body as he falls to his knees. Kneeling before me is a dangerous place to be, and I find my Kicks hurt him even more from this angle, and when I STEP on him, I can really feel those Nuts start to Burst! In the end of the clip I Trample him, and Crush his Balls beneath my feet until I hear them POP! We also included another sexy Highlight Reel of my favourite Ballbusts throughout the clip to bring it to a Nut POPPING Climax at the end!BAHAHA!Feel the POWER!- Electra Steele XOXO

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