Clayra and her Boyfriend Get Busy Full

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 183/mb

Clayra and her boyfriend are back at it again. He really wants to get lucky this evening but Clayra has other plans. She really likes busting his balls before they play, so she decides the she is going to make him take a good hard ballbusting, no matter how turned on or ready he is for her. It is not long before his bare cock and balls are exposed and she is kicking, kneeing and slapping them. Clayra is wearing her black gym shoes for this clip and she kicks his balls many, many times during this clip in preparation for their more sexual play time later on. This clip is very sexual, but the ballbusting is still very hard. Clayra does not hold back, and her boyfriend shows that he likes every bit of it! This is just the beginning of a very hot evening scene with Clayra and her boyfriend.

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