Clayra Beau Busting the New Student First Lesson Part Two

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 110/mb

Clayra is pleased with her student. He has taken plenty of hard kicks to his groin and his protection has held up. Now Clayra wants to inspect him and his gear. She has him take off his Gi Pants and she checks him out, takes a picture of his bulging cup, and to taunt his cock, she places a mini vibrator inside his cup. He gets turned on quickly and his cup offers little protection from her kicks and knees. Clayra takes off her uniform so he can gaze upon her and her protective gear. Forced to the ground by a hard knee she sits on top of him and enjoys his vibrating cup. One more kick to his junk and Sensei Clayra leaves him turned on and busted for another week.

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