Clayra Beau Punishes Her Boyfriend For Holding Out HD

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 179/mb

Clayra’s boyfriend has come back from a four month long football season and he would like to have sex with his girlfriend. Clayra is a bit pissed that he has been holding out on her and she wants him to take a hard ballbusting as punishment. Still wearing his football gear, he immediately takes hard kicks and knees that send him to the floor. Clayra smiles as she drives knees into his balls and he clutches on to her in pain. After a bit, she has him take off his pants so she can get a bit closer to his cock and balls. Clayra inspects his package and then busts him even harder. This is a very erotic clip out of a super hot video. It only gets hotter in the next segment! This is only the first part in this multi part erotic ballbusting adventure. This clip is a portion of the first part of the DVD

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