Clayra Pleasure Full Biting HD

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 407/mb

Clayra starts out by using her own personal punching bag, his balls! After they are tenderized and swollen, she starts sucking on them. Then she switches to biting. It is not long before he yells out oh my nut! After some nice teasing, his cock is exactly how she likes it, super hard. But, is not long before she bites down on it hard. Clayra grabs onto the top of his sack with a hard grip. With his balls trapped down low she can do as she pleases to them. A little more teasing, some titty fucking with his cock, and a lot more biting of his cock and balls make this clip everything you would want our of a sexy CBT clip! This HD version is filmed at 60 frames per second so it is crystal clear.

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