Cowgirls Clip 2

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 8/mb

Cowgirls, I love this game! Cowgirls mean we can ride his back, ponyride him around as long as we want, kick his balls as hard as we can, humiliate him and have sexy, wild fun!. Important cowgirls asset: we need boots. Hard boots, OTK boots, thin high heel boots or thicker more rude heeled boots, leather or patent boots. The hardest, sexiest, cruelest boots the better. Then fun begins. We ponyrided him all over the video. Both at the same time, bouncing on his back. One sitting on his back and making him spread his legs wide open, so the other one can launch vicious kicks right to his dangling balls. This is a ballkicking hard video. Cowgirls may be sexy, sure, and hard ballbusters too. We kicked his nuts to oblivion. I mean very hard kicks boot toes first, as hard as we can.

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