Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 560/mb

This particular slave has a little too much ego for his own good, so that must be taken from him. It is essential to the slave training process that I rid my bois of any/all traces of ego and self esteem. No matter how handsome, successful or accomplished they are, they must be broken and reduced to the lowly position of eternal slavery. One of the most effective ways of doing this, is to take away their most prized possession, their precious family jewels. So I crush them. I bust them. I break them. Once this has been accomplished, all resistance is drained from their body, and they timidly fall into place.A relentless barrage of full force soccer kicks to his nuts and he is left with a crushed, deflated, withered up good for nothing ball sack that will serve as a constant reminder that he will never again be a free man. In the end, a severe beating with my leather riding crop is a welcomed relief for my eunuch pet.

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