Cuckold Feminine Tricks

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 66/mb

Cuckolded! I’ve been cuckolded. Tricked, humiliated, trampled and busted by two hot women. Cuckolded by two women, no less. Before Elizabeth came in, Soraya was first to have her time with me. She adored beating me, while watching I knew nothing on what was going on there. I should have realized something was happening when she grabbed my balls, and slapped and twisted and squeezed them! She ballbusted me not just teasing but crushing my hard-on flat. She was so passionate! The way her knees smashed my nuts full force! Her heels stomping my balls full force to burst them out!. Now I know why. Cuckold! FS. Soraya made sure my manhood was useless to ever try cheating on any other woman again.

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