Deadliest Ballbusters Returns!

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 611/mb

The epic Ballbusting competition of brutal proportions returns with an all-new season of Deadliest Ballbusters! In this ferocious competition, each contestant has 1 minute of rapid fire kicks and one minute of full force punts. After the kicking has been completed, the contestants will assess the penile and testicular trauma and receive a score based on the results. As you may notice, the length of the clip s more then a few minutes. This is because goddess Amadahy just did not want to stop and absolutely pummeled its balls to oblivion! This competition was infamous in its release but the best is yet to come, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THIS FULL FORCE ACTION DONE WITH SPIKED BOOTS YOU CAN VOTE YES BY PURCHASING THIS CLIP. We will only make more of this incredibly brutal format of clips if it is clearly desirable by the fans, Please enjoy and look forward to an amazing future! LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE LIMITED TIME SALE

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