Deflated Balls: Rachel vs. Gia- Full HD

Clip Time: 19 Minutes Clip Size: 851/mb

This clip is encoded in regular HD instead of "Full HD" for those who prefer a smaller file size. The video quality is excellent, but not quite as good as the Full HD version of the clip previously listed. Ballbusting Bombshells is very proud to introduce Gia! Gia is a 19 year old real life serial ballbuster with a gorgeous face and legs for days, that are just made to kick the out of a guys groin! In this clip she goes head to head with the uber-ballbreaker, Rachel in an intense ballbusting competition. Ridiculously hot and just as sadistic, there is a reason Rachel has become one of the most popular guys in ballbusting! In this clip, she is particularly "dialed in" using a brand-new knee technique that just crushes the bb pet time and time again. Her kicks are equally devastating, and as a bonus, this clip has some truly amazing GTP scenes.

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