Double Team Kicking him in the Balls

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 587/mb

As part of Jewel’s Ballbusting Tryout it’s time to see how effective her kicks are. We thought this gorgeous diva was fairly new to ballbusting, but it’s clear she knows how to Kick a man where it hurts, and she thinks it’s hilarious. I didn’t need to encourage her much, as soon as I had this losers hands pulled behind his back Jewels just hauls off and starts booting him HARD in the balls and laughing her face off. She was made for Team BALLBUSTER!We each take turns holding him so the other can have as many unobstructed kicks as she wants. Our slave is feeling the pain, and his testicles are swollen from our punishment, but then I have another idea. I introduce Jewel’s to a great technique I call the "Ballbusting See-Saw"! I kick his nuts from the front, and then Jewel’s slams him from behind with her sexy size 9 feet! We do this back and forth, over and over until we feel his Nuts CRUNCH!To finish him off, Jewel’s suggests we "Crush his Nuts together". So we pin him against the wall, count to 3 and both kick him Right in the Balls at the same time! I crush his right testicle, and Jewel’s targets his left! It takes us a few times to score the perfect Double Team Kick, so we force this loser to stand there and take it over and over! LMAO! In the end we BUST this guys balls GOOD and it’s clear Jewel’s is going to be a top contender for #1 BALLBUSTER!- Ashley Sparks XoX

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