Electra Steeles Ball Smashing Audition

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 951/mb

Today our famous Amazon She-Hulk Ballbuster Miss Taylor wanted to introduce her Body Building friend Electra Steele to Team BALLBUSTER, and boy are we glad she did!Electra Steele is just 22 years old, but she has spend years building a perfect, Powerful, Muscular body that was made to Destroy Nuts! The muscles in her arms, back, ass, and Legs are always bulging, and WOW is she ever STRONG! Maybe even better than all her raw power is her absolute LOVE for Busting Balls! Whenever a newbie joins the team theres usually a bit of a learning period where the other ladies have to teach her the many many ways we have developed for Crushing Testicles, however Electra came into the game being a seasoned Nut Smasher. Although Electras never beaten up a guy who enjoyed it before, she was always a bit of a tom boy growing up, and quickly learned that Girl could always Beat boys simply by aiming for their Weak Spot! Lets just say the boys at her school feared her and knew her as Queen of the Sack Taps! HAHAHAHA!Electra Steele Kicks, Knees, Punches and Grabs our victims Nads all throughout this clip, and it even features some sexy POV footage at the beginning and an amazing highlight reel at the end! Please welcome Electra Steele to Team BALLBUSTER and send us your Custom Clip orders now.

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