EVIL BRATS In Training

Clip Time: 14 Minutes Clip Size: 533/mb

Going back in time … Gianna and Kira were just young brats in-training. Leslee had to make an emergency run somewhere, and made it VERY clear to the girls not touch her slave. "He cannot handle ANY kind of BALL ABUSE", she stressed to them. The girls promise Leslee they would never go against her word. But the second she leaves, the mischievous evil brats just can’t help themselves. They ball gag the slave who already has his hands tightly rope bound behind his back. He tries to scream for Miss Leslee but it’s just too late. It’s playtime for the girls, and Hell for the slave. The girls had never had the opportunity to hurt balls before, so they were experimenting and laughing, completely ignoring the constant moans and muffled cries of agony. They went light, then sometimes hard. This slave had never had his balls so much as flicked, and now suddenly his package is under full attack.To him every moment was terrible. And he can’t even talk to beg them to stop. The excited looks on the girls faces and sense of enjoyment they get is somewhat disturbing. Eventually they hear Leslee come back, they unhook the ball gag, and tell the slave to keep his mouth shut about what happened – OR ELSE! Leslee knew something was up when she asked her slave what happened. He was shaking and trembling in fear. He told her what happened and she accused him of lying and started kicking him herself. Poor slave.

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