Foot Perv Gets Caught

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 314/mb

Jay is just minding his own business in the school commons when he notices Luna sitting across from him. In particular, he notices her high heels. Having an uncontrollable fetish for high heels, he tries to sneak a picture to save for later. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that the sound on his phone was on and the sound of the camera clip alerts Luna to his perverted motives. She immediately calls him out and snatches his phone from him, seeing all the evidence she needs. He literally begs her that he’ll do anything if she just lets him go without reporting him for sexual harassment. Triggered by the pathetic begging, Luna decides to get real sadistic. She agrees to let him go, if he spreads his legs and gets kicked in the balls by the shoes he admired! She kicks him full force into his groin until he finally can’t take anymore and she feels entirely satisfied. Feeling generous, she rewards him by allowing him to kiss her shoes before sending him off with broken balls!

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