Girls Night In

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Jenna and I love what we do. Were Beautiful, Dominant sometimes Sadistic Ballbusters and we couldnt be prouder. Were just casually chilling on the couch, trying to decide what well do for the night. There may be a slave beneath us, but we dont even acknowledge his existence. We are just being our Bratty selves and having some fun, at his expense of course. We swap through more positions than a kinky orgy. Sometimes I have him locked between my thighs as I SCISSORHOLD the life out of him, meanwhile Jenna is grinding her size 10 feet deep into his Testicles as we nonchalantly discuss how our night might go. Maybe well stay in? Maybe well go out? Maybe well invite some of our friends from Team BALLBUSTER over to help us take our some aggression LOL! We continue to torture and humiliate our slave while acting completely innocent to the damage and pain were clearly causing him. Jenna practically makes his head pop off when she wraps her long Legs around his neck and Squeezes him with long, strong, Scissorholds. Meanwhile Im grinding my Knees into his Nuts, or slapping them until they swell up. I stick my feet in his face, enjoying my oblivious Foot Domination, with my toes finding their way into his mouth, or Stepping on his Throat and taking his breath away. Jenna, not to by out done Smothers him with her Powerful ASS and Sits on his Face as I bounce on his Balls and watch my girl friends Tits bounce up and down with me. Speaking of hot asses, I enjoy straddling his groin and Butt Dropping his Nads beneath my hard ASS. Theres so much amazingly sexy action in this clip its truly hard to explain, but the experience is the Hottest one youll ever see! Maybe you wanna come over and be our couch sometime? BAHAHA!Be sure to check out more of my sexy girl friends at Lady Shayne

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