Gloves filled with sand… – version 1

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 366/mb

…and brutal kicks in swollen bollocks!These gloves are used to protect the hand and to give dangerous knockout blows as well. In this case she uses the gloves to knockout his bull balls. She beats them like others do with a punching ball! A certainly unusual but effective way to bust nuts in the most cruel way! This includes repeated punches and nasty uppercut punches. You can see his balls swell under those brutal punches. She is amused seeing his bollocks swelling before her eyes and she is only laughing when he is in pain. But that is not enough for a real, cruel dominatrix. She makes him beg her to kick him in the balls!And he is crazy enough to beg her to kick him harder and harder…Length 9:26 minutes.

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