Go For His Nuts

Clip Time: 31 Minutes Clip Size: 361/mb

Rupert has started teaching self defence classes for women. The principle is very simple – all the ladies need to do is go for any attacker’s nuts! His first two students, Becky and Jordan, are very keen to learn! Rupert dispenses with his athletic cup to give the girls an authentic experience, and the lesson begins… With the girls hanging on his every word, Rupert goes through all the various methods of immobilising a man by using his nuts, of course with plenty of demonstrations and practice for the girls. By the end of the class the girls are experts in defending themselves against men and their weak testicles, and Rupert is left battered and bruised on the gym floor! The girls look hot in their judo gis, but even hotter when they strip to their tiny bikinis.

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