Her Way of Hooking Up

Clip Time: 19 Minutes Clip Size: 735/mb

Nikki found Jay through a social networking site and decided to give him a chance and meet up. However, when he is too forward about expecting to hook up and have sex, Nikki quickly turns the tables on him. Taking advantage of the fact he is only thinking with his dick, she proposes that she’ll hook up with him if he can endure some kicks to the balls. Realizing this may be his only chance to hook up with a woman as hot as Nikki he agrees. She strips him out of his clothes and bends him over so she can really kick his balls from behind with her boots. Nikki isn’t finished having her fun by the time he is worn out and begging her to stop, so she calls up a couple of her friends to come over and have a ladies night busting his balls. Ingrid and Freya show up and join in bashing Jay’s pathetic, desperate balls to mush!

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