Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 394/mb

As always I simply do not fuck around, this slave came to me and wanted me to ruin his balls, I picked my spiked ankle boots, as you can see these are some pretty crazy boots, there is a catch to this little ball busting game, in that glass is my golden nectar, and if he wants to taste it he must endure the most sadistic ball busting clip I have ever produced, I simply kick his cock and balls with my spiked boots and the result is complete devastation for this slave, his manhood is attacked and I simply don’t give a flying fuck about him or his cock and balls, this is probably the most extreme ball busting clip I have personally produced and can pretty much guarantee the most brutal ball busting attack ever to hit the internet, this is simply a massacre, when you buy this clip the link will be given as you are watching as obviously this kind of attack and the mess it caused violates c4s policy. Images shown are simply the destruction I have caused to give you an idea of the amount of carnage I have caused, simply watch the clip and the instructions will be given to download the clip from a different hosting page, as always I don’t simply talk about bringing you the most brutal ball busting ever I show you, any hardcore ball busting fan will not be disappointed with this masterpiece!! I want feedback and let it be known any man that thinks he can put me to the test will fail, not only am I the most brutal ball busting lady this fetish has ever seen but I am also the hottest. Enjoy!! Mistress Elise xox

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