Jada Stevens Does Strip Bare Ball Squeezing – HD

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 156/mb

Time for pretty and well-known pornstar Jada Stevens to try her hands at some strip bare ball squeezing! She playfully instructs Psymon to drop his balls out of his pants so she can wrap her hands around them and squeeze the hell out of them! She giggles and laughs loudly, clearly pleased at the reactions she’s getting out of him! She gets down on her knees, asking him if it hurts, as she carelessly gives his balls a few good flicks. Ouch! She even gets creative, using the sharp end of her heel to poke and prod his naked balls. Haha! All the while, she is stripping out of her sexy lingerie. Jada has an amazing body, so hopefully all the pain that Psymon is going through is well-rewarded! Enjoy this rare treat with a super famous porn star! :D

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