Jenna Prestons POWER Gauge Part 1

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 940/mb

Jenna Preston is a Tall, Beautiful, Amazon Goddess with Legs that go on forever. Shes come to Girls Next Door Studios to show you losers exactly how Strong and Powerful her Legs are, and theres no better way to demonstrate Leg Power then by RUPTURING BALLS! The first quarter of the clip starts off with some insanely sexy POV footage as Jenna shows off her Muscular Legs and Sexy Feet and discusses how Women have genetically more powerful legs. She talks about how much she Squats, Female Supremacy and how mens genitals make them so incredibly weak. She then struts back and forth in her 5 inch heels. She periodically Kicks her victim in the Balls, starting at 10% strength, and building up to 50%. Jenna towers almost a foot over the helpless slave who is Restrained by Lady Shayne. Shayne encourages the sub to stay standing as the Amazon Goddess Kicks Harder and HARDER!At only 50% the slaves nuts seem to already be threatening to Pop, so the two Ballbusters sit down on the couch and remove their High Heels. Miss Preston shows off her AMAZING size 10 Feet to the camera as they discuss their unquenchable thirst for Crushing Testicles! Jenna and Shayne return to the poor loser promising him hell only receive bare feet Kicks from now on, but they are going to be much, much Harder! Be sure to check out Part 2 up now at out more of Jenna Preston at

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