Jenna Prestons POWER Gauge Part 2

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 496/mb

Our fun continues in our little POWER Gauge challenge as my best friend Jenna Preston shows our slave exactly how POWERFUL her Legs can be by KICKING his Balls into space with them! Jenna is a Beautiful, but Deadly Amazon who is almost as Sadistic as me. Jenna uses her Gorgeous size 10 Feet to boot this losers Nuts into his stomach over and over again. She starts at 50% Strength and goes up from there. When the clip begins, our victim is already too weak to stay standing on his own, but Im happy to pin his arms behind his back and hold his legs open so my girl friend can make him cry like a bitch! LOL!We force him to remove his shorts so that Jennas feet can create that sexy SMACK as her foot explodes his Nuts. Our panties get wet with the excitement of seeing another mans testicle threaten to Rupture before us, and this loser realizes that Girl Rule and We ARE the Stronger Sex!Be sure to check out more of me at out more of Jenna Preston at Lady Shayne

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