Jenni Is Not So Sweet Full

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 157/mb

Jenni’s old boss has been demoted but he still wants to get into her pants. He is foolish enough to follow her into a remote area of the building to let her do as she pleases with him. He was wishing for sex but instead his balls are going to get busted by her big boots. They are far enough away that nobody will hear his them and that is a good thing because she kicks him hard! Since he is restrained all he can do is close his legs and cry. Jenni does not care. She just keeps slamming her boots into his crotch. I wonder how long he, and his balls, will last? Jenni is wearing a different look in this clip. She has on a leather skirt and a tight purple top that really shows off her figure. She is also chewing gum throughout the clip.

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