Julie’s first date with PC Guy

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 108/mb

Here’s a blast from the past, with the STUNNING Julie G and PC’s debut! This is a grappling match with lots of chokes, punches, and Julie’s World reknowned leg scissors to the torso and throat. Shot in three minute rounds, you can see she easily dominates PC, who was so new, he didn’t even know how to tap out properly. Julie accommodates him just enough to make the suffering last and enjoy her workout on this young man. At the end, she does a victory pose with her foot on his chest, and looks down surprised, saying she can feel his heart racing through her foot. "GET THIS MAN A BEER!" she laughs, before walking off and leaving the hapless PC on his back, trying to figure out what happened, and whether his jaw was broken.

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