Kick Slap Ballbusting Cum Blud MP4

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 56/mb

Ballbusting in ancient Egypt. This long version features kicking in the balls in addition to riding crop ball smacking. Cleopatra, in a stunning near-naked sexually explicit ensemble, punishes an ebony slave with a riding crop. She has him place his penis on the arm of her throne then she smashes his poor penis with a riding crop but it is not enough she tells him to place his balls on the am of the throne and she spanks his balls with a riding crop then she has him lay over the arm of the throne with his ass in the air for even more humiliation as she beatdowns his perineum with even more brutalization with the riding crop. Finally he comes, then comes blud. Realistic sound effects cause you to wince as the slave is subjected to savage ball abuse. This is the 6-min riding crop and kicking MP4 version.

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